13 Excellent Reasons

The city of Wilsonville is surrounded by a magnificent natural setting, a perfect family-friendly and very active community.

You will enjoy the serenity, only minutes away from downtown Portland and and from our State’s Capitol of Salem. Wilsonville is perfectly located to enjoy all that this region of Oregon has to offer.

Surrounded on one side by the Willamette River, on the other by a city filled with parks, wide open spaces with farmlands, golf courses, vineyards and horse ranches, serving a growing population nestled in comfortable neighborhoods throughout,

Wilsonville has nearly every option available for the short or long term vacation, business trip or break from the rest of the world.  Convenient to shopping and a wide variety of restaurants, farmer’s markets, businesses, and many other attractions.  (Note:  Some of these below do not link out.  We hope they speak for themselves.)

What are your favorites?  Let us know.

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