• Kirin Ramen

    Open your palate to experience the vibrancy Ramen cuisine. The noodles are made in-house and there are options for carnivores and herbivores alike. The wood paneled aesthetic and saucy authentic selection, including chashu pork belly, shoy tonkotsu ramen, shrimp fried rice, and vegetable gyoza, give Kirin Ramen an eat local vibe with a global twist.

  • Sourdough Bakery

    Tucked away with an unassuming storefront, you’d never think that the doors of Sourdough Bakery would open you the near forgotten craft of old-world sourdough. This gem emerged in 2018 to bring craft bread to Wilsonville. The independent bakery was founded in Winchester Bay using a sourdough starter from the 1980’s made from red grapes. Each loaf of sourdough is carefully conjured without the frills and chemicals too often found in factory breads. Enjoy asiago-cheese, jalapeno-cheddar, and supergrain flavors, or stick to the classic artisan old-world sourdough. The bread here only contains about four key ingredients: flour, starter, water, salt, and dash of oil. But the magic comes from the way it’s made over the course of three days to ensure every crust and crumb delivers the most authentic homestyle experience.

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