Numerous Options for Healthful Activity

Wilsonville has an abundance of indoor and outdoor recreational activities year-round.  Explore and enjoy!


    Wilsonville is centrally located to several first class golf courses, all within a few minutes.


    Wilsonville has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities for tennis enthusiast.

    Cycling & Walking

    Wilsonville is home to a most enthusiastic cycling population.

    Fishing & Boating

    Wilsonville offers excellent fishing, opportunities for boating and water sports.


    Wilsonville has a very active equestrian side with many annual competitions.

    Disk Golf

    This new recreation is planned for Memorial Park in the near future.

    Bird Watching

    A beautiful, hidden wetlands within minute of downtown is the Coffee Creek Wetlands.


    Located in Memorial Park, this is a very popular, growing sport in Wilsonville. Wilsonville has organized drop-in group play times as well as open times that are first-come first-serve on its 6 courts. Click to find out more.


    From flight training, soaring, aircraft rentals, and commuting, nearby at Aurora Airport.

    Indoor Recreation

    Bowling and individual fitness centers can both be found in Wilsonville.
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