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ExploreInstagram-Friendly Spots

Instagram-Friendly Spots

We’re no strangers to square crops and filters in Wilsonville. Boost your feed this summer with these aesthetic destinations worthy of a spot on The ‘Gram.


  • Floral murals
  • Scenic patios
  • Wooded paths
  • Lavender and Dahlia fields

2 Days

8 Stops

Lux Sucre

There’s a lot to love about Lux Sucre, from its aesthetic pastries to its striking floral mural inside. It’s the perfect place to grab that coveted latte art shot.

Barn owl Nursery

We love Barn Owl Nursery for a photo shoot of any kind. The rows of lavender fields in midsummer are an incredible sight, especially when you arrive a few minutes before sunset. #nofilter

Interior of Lux Sucre
Capture the perfect frame against a floral backdrop at Lux Sucre.
Open interior at Lady Hill Winery
Don’t miss the photogenic airy interiors at Lady Hill Winery.

Lady Hill Winery

Striking from the outside with a stunning interior, Lady Hill Winery is a gorgeous location with a historic past. Enjoy a tasting from the picturesque patio or the cozy interior dotted with barrels.

Stein-Boozier Barn

Located in Murase Plaza, Stein-Boozier Barn is a rustic space built in 1901. As a popular venue for weddings, receptions and parties, you can count on the Stein-Boozier Barn as an Instagram-worthy selfie spot.

Coffee Lake Wetlands

Thanks to the Missoula Floods over 13,000 years ago, the Coffee Lake Wetlands are not only a unique geological space, but they’re breathtaking as well. Fish and wildlife depend on this habitat, so remember to Instagram responsibly.


Enjoy the Villebois neighborhood for a Hallmark movie vibe no matter the season. Inspired by traditional European villages, this well-planned development is a lovely destination for a walk during golden hour. Villebois is French for “village near the woods.”

Woman running along a trail at the Coffee Lake Wetlands
Take a snapshot of unique ponds, hummocks and trees along trails at the Coffee Lake Wetlands.
People at an event at Sofia Park
Water features, covered picnic tables and play areas will make for a perfectly scenic shot at Sofia Park.

Sofia Park

Inside of the Villebois neighborhood is Sofia Park, a grassy open space that’s as charming as the homes surrounding it. With a children’s play area, picnic benches, a striking water feature and a splash pad, you’ll have a hard time taking a bad photo here.

Swan Island Dahlia Festival–August through September (Canby):

Dahlias are the ultimate flower of summer. Celebrate at the Swan Island Dahlia Festival in Canby, with over 35 acres of jewel-toned dahlias to stroll through. The fields are open August through September. With some blooms as big as a dinner plate, these crops are worth the stop.

Trip Tips

Explore Oregon the Wilsonville way this summer. Plan your visit to cool off when there’s a fun summer event also going on in the region. Plan to stay the night (or weekend) and check out more itinerary inspiration. Don’t forget to pack your camera!